Important notice regarding the sailing

Face masks

  • All passengers must wear a face mask at check-in and when boarding and leaving MS Norröna. This applies to both passengers on foot and passengers with a vehicle.
  • We recommend all passengers to wear a face mask, while onboard the ship.
  • Passengers do not need to wear a face mask in their own cabin and when it is possible to sit at a physical distance or when possible to keep a distance on the ship’s outdoor areas.
  • Crew with contact to the passengers will wear face masks, if they are not protected by plexiglass screens.

Traveling from Denmark to the Faroe Islands

Covid-19 test before departure
All people travelling to the Faroe Islands must be tested for Covid-19. The testing of passengers traveling to the Faroe Islands takes place on the harbour in Hirtshals. Travelers with a car will be tested after check-in. Passengers on foot will be tested in the terminal. The price for the test is 390 DKK per person. Children younger than 12 do not need to be tested. Order and pay for the test here

The test results will be sent directly to Smyril Line and will be ready during the crossing. Only passengers that are tested positive will be contacted about the test result.

Follow-up test 4 days after departure
Testing of passengers takes place at the port area in Hirtshals before boarding. Therefore the departure day is to be considered day 0. It is recommended to get a follow-up test 4 days after departure. This test is free of charge. See more information about the follow-up test on

Traveling from Iceland to the Faroe Islands

Faroese authorities demand that all passengers traveling to the Faroe Islands must be tested for Covid-19. Passengers traveling from Iceland to the Faroe Islands get a test on board. The price is DKK 390. Children under the age of 12 do not need a test. Order and pay for the test here

Passengers get the test result some hours after arrival in the Faroe Islands. Only passengers that are tested positive will get information about the test result. 

Follow-up test 4 days after arrival
It is recommended to get a follow-up test 4 days after arrival in the Faroe Islands. This test is free of charge. See more information about the follow-up test on

Traveling from the Faroe Islands to Iceland

Passengers traveling to Iceland (born earlier than 2005) and who have not been fully vaccinated, need to have a negative PCR test not older than 72 hour before boarding. This negative test needs to be shown at check-in and upon arrival in Iceland. Order a test free of charge here: Test center opening hours - (

Furthermore, all passengers (vaccinated as well as non vaccinated) will be tested for COVID-19 on the Faroe Islands before boarding. We will make the test before boarding in Tórshavn. Time-slots for testing on Wednesday will be available Monday morning. Order the test for Wednesday here:

Read more about the rules in Iceland here: Há-áhættusvæði/High-risk areas (

Traveling from Denmark to Iceland

Please do always keep updated regarding traveling to Iceland here: Travel to and within Iceland (
  • Passengers traveling to Iceland (born earlier than 2005) and passengers that do not have the vaccine - need to have a negative PCR test not older than 72 hour before boarding. The test has to be show upon arrival in Iceland. A quick test is not accepted.
  • Passengers traveling to Iceland who have a Vaccination Certificate do not need to have a negative PCR test before boarding. Read more about the Vaccination Certificate here: covid19
  • All passengers will be tested for COVID-19 in Denmark/Hirtshals before boarding MS Norröna. The price for the test is DKK 390. Order and pay for the test
Follow-up test in Iceland
  • Passengers must do second test 5-6 days after the first test (2-3 days after arriving in Iceland) 
  • This follow-up test is also free of charge. Certain rules reg. quarantine apply. Read more here: Travel to and within Iceland (
Quarantine information
  • Those who have confirmed with PCR-testing or antibody testing from an EU/EFTA state that they have previously had a COVID-19 infection are exempt from quarantine. 
  • All those who present a valid international vaccination certificate for full vaccination with an approved vaccine against COVID-19 are exempt.
  • Read more about the quarantine rules here: Travel to and within Iceland (
  • The quarantine period begins when you board MS Norröna. This means that the Quarantine period in Iceland is 2-3 days. 
Register before traveling
  • All travellers must pre-register before arriving in Iceland
  • Please register here: 

Traveling from Iceland to Denmark

When traveling from Iceland to Denmark, Norröna has a short stop in the Faroe Islands. Passengers, cannot go ashore but need to stay onboard.

Passengers who have met the Faroe Islands' requirements for the purpose of the journey are to be regarded as passengers between the Faroe Islands and Denmark, therefore they do not need a test before entering Denmark.

Passengers who are in transit in Denmark with a recognizable purpose, or documented holiday stay outside Denmark, as well as transit with regard to return to own permanent residence abroad, are also allowed to enter Denmark.

Read more here.

Covid 19 information

The situation regarding the Coronavirus “COVID-19” has our full attention and we prioritize the safety of our customers and employees very high. We are monitoring updates and guidance from relevant authorities and health organisations in the countries where we operate very closely.

To ensure the safety of our passengers and crew we are taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus onboard Norröna. 

- Information posters focused on hygienic measures to prevent the spread of the virus based on the World Health Organisation guidelines.

- Increased the frequency of preventive cleaning and disinfection of “Hand Contact Point Hotspots” such as door handles, access touch pads and telephones.

- Increased possibilities for hand wash and disinfection placed in public areas to ensure good hand hygiene.

- Staff is instructed to stay at home if they experience any of the Covid-19 symtoms. Or if they within the last 14 days, before symptoms occurred, stayed in areas* that are affected with a widespread transmission of Covid-19.

- If a passenger arrives at the ship and shows symptoms of Coronavirus or have a fever, then they will be refused boarding.

In advance of any journey, we encourage all travellers to follow latest guidance from the national health authorities.

Safe to Visit

In order to prepare our tourism industry for the return of visitors, Visit Faroe Islands has joined forces with the best medical capacities in the country to train our leisure and meetings industry in ensuring a safe stay for our

Companies and organisations that work in leisure and meetings tourism in the Faroe Islands have taken part in an educational course titled: “Corona Virus – Protection and Preventive Measures in the Tourism Industry.”

Staff that completed the course were given a “Safe to Visit” badge. The badge demonstrates that they have been taught to follow public Covid-19 health guidelines and have chosen to adopt the guidelines in their company or organisation.

The Faroese tourism industry is committed to doing everything in our power to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. However, we also need your help. We hope and expect that you will familiarise yourself with and follow the Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Faroese health authorities. 

How to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19

  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitiser frequently – especially before and after touching surfaces that many others also touch, e.g. door handles and lift buttons, etc.
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve
  • Avoid shaking hands, kissing on the cheek and hugging
  • Limit physical contact
  • Keep a distance of at least one metre to other people who are not in your group and ask others to show consideration